These are bonuses for people who have supported my work. I can't thank you enough!

1. The College Panda TI-84 SAT Calculator Program

An all-in-one TI-84 Calculator Program designed specifically for the SAT Math section. This program will solve systems of two equations, quadratics, circles, lines, and much more automatically for you. This calculator program is the closest thing to a cheat code for the SAT. You won't need any other program.

Full details and screenshots of the program can be found on this page.

How to get the Calculator Program

  1. Purchase any two of my books on amazon. Must be paperback editions.
  2. Email me directly at with a screenshot of your receipt. You can put "calculator program" as the subject.
  3. You'll also get the SAT Calculator Workbook below.

2. The College Panda TI-84 SAT Calculator Workbook

It's not enough to just have a program on your calculator. You need to know how and when to use it. This companion workbook, which contains exercises based on past SAT questions, will teach you how to use The College Panda Calculator Program and for which question types.


  1. The Basics (based on part 1 of the SAT calculator video series)
  2. Evaluating Expressions (based on part 2 of the video series)
  3. Graphing (based on part 3 of the video series)
  4. Systems of Equations (based on part 4 of the video series)
  5. Lines (based on part 5 of the video series)
  6. Fundamental Programs (based on part 6 of the video series)
  7. Quadratics (based on part 6 of the video series)
  8. Circles (based on part 6 of the video series)
  9. Answer Explanations

How to get the Workbook

You'll receive the workbook along with the SAT Calculator Program above.

3. The College Panda eBook

This eBook contains over 30 pages on test-taking and college admissions advice you won't find on the blog, including chapters on:

  • The Art of SAT/ACT Improvement (excerpted from the ACT English book—counterintuitive tips on what to expect and how to improve based on years of teaching experience).
  • Fatal Mistakes I Made during the College Application Process (why my application was enough to get into Cornell, but not enough for Harvard, UPenn, and MIT—make sure you avoid the same mistakes).
  • The Best College Essay Advice I Ever Received (it comes from a childhood game and has helped every single one of my students write more compelling admissions essays).
  • How to Answer the "Why do you want to go here?" Question on College Applications (the answer will surprise you)
  • Many insightful answers to past questions and from parents and students.

How to get the eBook

  1. Leave a review for any one of my books on amazon.
  2. Email me directly at with a screenshot of your review. You can put "ebook" as the subject.