Before you send me a message, please make sure it hasn't already been answered in the following list of frequently asked questions:

  • Missing pages or answer keys? If your copy has missing or bad pages, chances are you purchased a counterfeit from a 3rd party seller who hijacked the amazon buy box. Make sure "" is the listed seller, not a 3rd party. "Fulfilled by Amazon" is not the same as "". Click "More buying options" if you need to select "" as the seller.
  • Are there digital/pdf versions of your books? Online versions of the books can be bought and accessed here. I do not offer or authorize any pdf copies.
  • How do I improve my score on the math/reading/writing section? My best advice can already be found on this blog.
  • Do you accept guest posts on this site? Not at this time.
  • Will you/When will you write a _______ book? I honestly don't know. I work on multiple projects at a time and it's too hard to estimate release dates.
  • What are my chances at _______ college? I don't know enough about you to tell.
  • Do you offer discounts for bulk orders? Yes, please send me a message with the titles and quantities you're looking for.
  • I found an error in one of your books. Please check the Errata Page first to see if it's already been addressed. If not, send me a message with the chapter, page number, question number, and error.
  • I would like one of the bonuses. Please follow the instructions on this page.

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