This page contains a list of typos or errors from my books. If you think you’ve found an error, please let me know through the contact page. The edits will be incorporated in future editions.

SAT Math: The Advanced Guide and Workbook

Chapter 8 More Equation Solving Strategies, #4 (pg. 65): The answer explanation has a typo. The -4 should turn into a +4 when it’s brought over to the other side. The last step is correct, as well as the answer.

Chapter 3 Exponential vs. Linear Growth (pg. 26): The final amount \(A\) would be \(A = 100 – 10t\)

Chapter 23 Reading Data (pg. 212): The question should read, According to the graph, by how many hours is Greg’s glucose recovery time after lunch greater than his glucose recovery time after breakfast? The answer explanation should be adjusted accordingly.

Chapter 27 Volume (pg. 248): The volume of a sphere is \(\dfrac{4}{3}\pi r^3\).

The following errors have now been fixed for this book (Sep. 8, 2016)

Chapter 20 Triangles, #30 (pg. 186): The equilateral triangle is AED, not BEC.

Chapter 22 Trigonometry (pg. 200): Step 2 for finding the value of a trig function without a calculator is incorrect. Step 2 should be “Find the reference angle“.

Thus, the examples were done incorrectly. In example 1, the reference angle is \(30^\circ\). So \(\sin 330^\circ = -\sin 30^\circ = -\dfrac{1}{2}\)

Chapter 22 Trigonometry, #6 (pg. 202): \(AB = 5\), as shown in the diagram, NOT 4 as the question states.

SAT Writing: Advanced Guide and Workbook

Chapter 14 Commas, Dashes, & Colons, #5 (pg. 87): Answers A and C are duplicated. Answer C shouldn’t have a comma at the end.

Chapter 23 Comparatives vs. Superlatives, #7 (pg. 178): The word “the” is duplicated.

SAT Math: 10 Practice Tests

Practice Test 1, Section 3, #4: The answer listed is correct but the explanation refers to another problem. For this question, \(x = 2, y = 3, z = -4\) so \(x + y + z = \boxed{1}\)

Practice Test 1, Section 4, #14: The answer listed is correct but the explanation should say “tripling per hour,” not “doubling per hour.”

Practice Test 4, Section 4, #28: The question should read \(AB = BC\)

Practice Test 5, Section 4, #9: Answers A and D are essentially the same (they’re both correct). This will be revised in the next edition.

Practice Test 7, Section 3, #9: All answer choices should have \(t\) in the denominator, not \(b\).

Practice Test 8, Section 4, #33: The question should read \(\sin 24^\circ = \cos(3k + 6)^\circ\) (Note the parentheses).

Practice Test 8, Section 4, #38: The question should be clearer: What is the velocity of the block, in meters per second, immediately after the spring is uncoiled from its currently displaced position of 0.05 meters?

Practice Test 9, Section 4, #33: The question should read “what is the minimum possible value of \(x\)?” The answer is 14, but the answer explanation should be interpreted accordingly.

Special thanks to Aung for most of these edits!

ACT English

Chapter 4 Prepositional Phrases, #6 (pg. 19): “Since the hypothesis” is a prepositional phrase that should also be crossed out in the answer.

Chapter 15 Commas, #15 (pg. 84): The correct answer is B, not A.

Chapter 18 Word Choice, Exercise 2

1. C
2. A
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. B
7. A
8. D
9. C
10. B
11. D
12. C
13. A
14. B
15. C
16. B
17. D

Chapter 22 Placement, Exercise 1, #12 (pg. 137): A and D are essentially the same answer, so both are correct. This will be revised in a future edition.

Chapter 22 Placement, Exercise 3, #3 (pg. 146): The answer explanation on page 215 has an error. The sentence “It also transitions smoothly into paragraph 3,” is wrong. Replace that sentence with “Paragraph 5 provides an intentional contrast to the vibrant picture portrayed in paragraph 4, so paragraph 5 should follow paragraph 4.”

Chapter 23 Relevance & Purpose, Exercise 2, #9 (pg. 159): This question is poorly constructed and can be ignored. The answer sort of depends on the student’s answer to #8 and is therefore unclear.

Chapter 24 Dashes & Colons, #18 (pg. 168): The correct answer is B, not C.

Chapter 34 Practice Test 3, #61 (pg. 273): The correct answer is A, not C.

Special thanks to Tamim and Sofia for most of these edits!