I need a 750 in Math. What do I do if I run into early questions I’m unsure about?

The following is a great strategy question I received from a reader: My son previously scored a 680 in math. For his stretch schools, he would like to move his math score closer to their 75% range — 720 to 760. For discussion purposes, let’s assume that by the end of the test, there will […]

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7 Forgotten SAT Math Concepts That Could Prevent You From an 800

1. Triangle Inequality Theorem Example: In \(\triangle ABC\), \(AB\) has a length of \(3\) and \(BC\) has a length of \(4\). How many integer values are possible for the length of \(AC\)? Solution: The golden rule of any geometry problem is to draw a picture: Based on the theorem, we can come up with: \[3 […]

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Every SAT Essay Prompt Ever Released

I may be missing a few, but in any case, it’s pretty comprehensive. Where to start? Pick one that makes you feel uncomfortable. Time yourself for 25 minutes and see how you do. If you’d like to have your essay featured on the blog, email it to me at thecollegepanda@gmail.com. I’ll grade your essay and […]

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Jumpstart your SAT Reading Practice: Annotated Passages

Although most students don’t normally start SAT prep until their sophomore or junior years, every so often I get students in 8th grade or 9th grade who are either looking to get a head start or taking the test for some competitive program. They don’t expect to ace the test, of course, but it’s still […]

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How the Past Perfect is Tested on the SAT: The Definitive Guide

One of the most confusing concepts that shows up on the writing section is the past perfect tense. Even those who know how to use it (me…) are easily tripped up by it. After all, there are many sentences in which the past perfect is used when the past simple tense would do just fine. […]

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