New to the site and looking to improve your SAT/ACT score?

Here are two must-read posts to introduce you to The College Panda way:

The College Panda Manifesto—the core principles that drive record improvement in record time. This is the philosophy behind my blog posts and books.

The Art of Improvement—How average students get top scores.


For those of you contacting me about the new SAT, don’t freak out. I haven’t been living under a rock. I’m well aware of the upcoming changes.

During February, I will be transitioning this blog and the newsletter to teach the new SAT format. All current material (found in the “best of the blog” section above) will remain untouched until January, when the last SAT with the current format will be administered.

So far, I have thoroughly broken down the new writing section and have published an updated book accordingly.

To help as many students as possible with the new test, I’ve decided to release all the review material from the book for free on this site. It contains pretty much everything you need to get a perfect score. You can view the entire guide here:

The Advanced Guide to the New SAT Writing

In addition to these lessons on this site, I also have a paperback guide for those who prefer a book format and want everything in one place. The guide contains over 500 extra practice questions (grouped by topic) not found here and three practice tests. Again, it’s fully updated for the new SAT and continues in the same style as the bestselling first edition.